The Sydney School of Business is an independent social, business, and policy research think tank. The SSB’s mission is to explore, discuss, and publish in areas of public policy, practice, and business behaviour.

The School is self – funded through a diverse base of supporters, sponsors, grants, commissions, subscriptions and funds raised through the School’s Learning program “Challenge, Explore, Learn and Lead”.


The SSB was founded on the belief that challenging existing perceptions, ideas, policies, and processes is an essential part of public discourse.


The SSB’s research program, “Explore”, encompasses an analysis of social and business policy.


The SSB’s learning programs range from designer courses for the public and private sector to formal qualifications which provide pathways to further study in Australia and overseas. The SSB offers an alternative to traditional large class teaching models or text book-driven teaching.

The SSB has developed a unique approach to learning designed to encourage lecturer-researcher interaction using a blend of technologies and current research. This creates a learning culture driven by creative critical thinking and analysis with industry relevance.


The School’s learning program is focused on facilitating the development of leaders in both the public and private sector in a global setting. The courses are accessible and tailored to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. The method of learning, the facilities, and the interaction with the SSB’s industry experts empower students.

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