Before you decide to apply you should read the School’s Terms of Enrolment and other policies and procedures. Also be aware of the closing dates to apply for a program. Once you decide to apply ensure that you complete the form in full. If you are applying for a scholarship you should lodge both forms before the closing date. If you are requesting recognition of prior learning, you should lodge your RPL request before you enrol.
Some courses require applicants to sit for an interview. To allow applicants to prepare for this interview, SSB will provide details(time,place, what to bring, etc) if an applicant satisfies the minimum requirements for a program. All decision are forwarded to you by email with instructions how to accept or decline the an offer for entry into a course and important dates. It’s important to accept before the deadline of an offer for enrolment. Once you accept the offer, you will receive a password and login to enrol online. Before you enrol online, you will be asked to read the Terms of Enrolment.


Once you complete your enrolment online, you will receive an electronic Statement of Fees.
You can select the method you wish to pay your fees which includes SSB’s Flexifee plan, instalments plan, or director debit. You should pay your fees by the due date shown on your electronic Statement of Fees to prevent any late charges. To find out more about paying your fees and payment options, visit our Fees & Intakes and Financial Assistance pages. Alternatively, you can contact us.

If you are apply for a scholarship or grant, you should note that the closing date is the same as the application to enrol in a course closing date.The decision to award scholarships and grants are generally made at the same time applications are processed. The outcome of your application for a scholarship or grant application is forwarded to you together with the outcome of your application to enrol. Once you enrol, you will receive password and login to access the online campus. You can access the online campus todownload your study schedule. You should check your enrolment details carefully and let us know if anything is incorrect.

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Further information will be provided in week one of your studies. You will be invited by email to the Orientation day usually a few days before the commencement of classes. On Orientation Day, you will be photographed and an identification card will be issued. Your card identifies you as a student of SSB and allows you to access a range of services including library access, miscellaneous online services, and proof of entitlement for a Concession Opal travel card (subject to eligibility). Your ID card is essential when you are on campus and at our vocational placement offices. For distance learners, you will be asked to forward a picture for your virtual ID card and attend an online campus orientation session.

If you are using assistive technology and require any assistance you should contact


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