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As an independent research and education think tank, the Sydney School of Business provides professional opinions to a diverse range of industries for local and international clients.

SSB Consultation

Managed by the School’s E&O team, SSB consultations service legal, insurance, finance, investment, marketing, governance, securities, risk, logistics, energy, media, telecommunications, food, agriculture, training, and technology industries. Opinions in the form of legally admissible reports, testimonial evidence, industry-based investigative reports, and commissions of inquiry are all provided by SSB experts. Reports are conflict free, independent, and feature reliable opinions without any hidden costs or red tape.

SSB’s E&O team is your accessible, affordable single point of service that defines your requirements, matches you with the right expert, prepares the brief,  ensures the integrity of the expert opinion, and certifies it is delivered in an appropriate form within the agreed budget and time constraints.

Our E&O team is led by our senior legal counsel to ensure the opinion or comply with Australian and / or overseas court-tribunal, regulators rules, and with the standards set by  credit providers, analysts, risk assessors, insurers, underwriters, fund managers and industry bodies.

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