The Sydney School of Business has implemented the Learning Experience Standards (LES) based on accountability, transparency, relevance, and continuous improvement of every course.

LES is part of the School’s culture to encourage a learning experience which is tailored to the student needs. It aligns the learning outcomes of the SSB’s programs with the School’s expectations.

The School  collects data and feedback to improve the student learning experience and performance.

LES is an initiative created by the School to enhance student success by continuously introducing innovative ways to improve the student’s learning experience.

LES benefits the students, the reputation of graduates, and the School as a whole.

The LES approach means that the courses, the content, and the delivery style equips our graduates with more than just the knowledge. Graduates are given the skills and techniques required to become leaders in the public and private sector.


The LES scheme encourages students to be actively engaged in the way the material is delivered, treated, analysed, and applied. This continuous engagement with facilitators, learning mentors, and students means that learning outcomes are also aligned with the learning experience. Continuous development is integral to the SSB’s tailoring of each study program to the needs of students. The one-size-fits-all model is not applied at SSB. The LES also acts as a pre-set benchmark for the outcomes which are achieved. LES allows the School to develop, monitor, evaluate, and revise the content of its programs.


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