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The Sydney School of Business campus is located in historic Parramatta, the heart of Sydney. Founded in 1788, Parramatta is the fastest growing central business district in the country. It is the eighth largest city in Australia and is the home of New South Wales local and Federal government administration centres. 

Also known as Sydney’s “Second City”, Parramatta is also home to major financial, engineering, accounting, construction, hi-tech, and related industries.

The School’s Parramatta campus is in the centre of a city with great cultural diversity.  Historic houses, churches, modern shops, department stores, parks, sporting facilities, stadium, theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, riverside cafes, and eateries are virtually on the campus’ doorstep.

The campus was purposely built to stimulate creative and critical thinking.

The atmosphere which surrounds the campus helps to eliminate the silos and barriers between researchers and students regardless of disciplines.

At the campus you will find a modern clean natural lit campus space with:

– Learning Labs
– Curiosity Corner
– Student Café and Lounge
– Academic counselling
– High Speed WiFi access
– A Reference Library

There are no traditional class rooms or lecture theatres.

Instead, the teaching philosophy is based on “Learning teams” which are facilitated by “Learning Mentors” at “Learning Hubs”.

The campus is a departure from orthodox mass teaching models (often referred to as the “education – training factory” or “exam factory” approach).

The campus is designed to encourage an active, creative, and holistic learning experience.

The Learning Hubs flip the entire traditional learning model on its head by applying digital technologies and the sciences of learning to customise, personalise, and enhance the overall learning experience. There are no traditional lectures or tutorials. For students, this means greater interaction with researchers, facilitators, industry leaders, and academics.


Students are not just exposed to the core concepts and content; they are guided to the analytical techniques which produce research findings.

Students are empowered with the tools to explore, analyse, think, and solve complex problems.

An integrated component of the Learning Lab is the “Curiosity Corner”.

The Curiosity Corner is an environment in which students are encouraged to apply creative thinking to explore their curiosity within the discipline they are studying.

The On Campus experience is closely aligned to the “Learning Experience Standards” (LES). The LES is a quality assurance of learning scheme which is focused on accountability, transparency, relevance, and continuous improvement of the course during the study period.


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