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The online campus

Not everyone can attend SSB campus. Part of the SSB charter is to provide an accessible, affordable, and innovative learning experience. To do this, the SSB has engineered an online campus experience.

Like the physical campus, it has been purposely built around the SSB learning and research philosophy to facilitate a stimulative, creative, and inspiring atmosphere which eliminates the barriers between researchers, students, and disciplines.

The online learning experience is closely aligned to the Learning Experience Standards (LES), a quality assurance of learning scheme which is focused on accountability, transparency, relevance, and continuous improvement of the course during the study period.

At the SSB Online Campus:

You will find:
  • Learning Labs
  • Curiosity Corner
  • Student Café and Lounge
  • Academic counselling
  • Reference Library & Resource Centre

The on-line campus is designed to encourage an active creative holistic learning experience where ever you may reside. You can even attend and interact with the SSB Research Seminars and Public Lectures online! The Online Learning Labs flip the entire traditional learning model on its head by applying digital online technologies and the sciences of learning to customise and personalise the learning experience.

The Online Camus has virtually all the facilities to learn engage explore. All SSB course material, discussion, reading material, and assessments are online. You will need:

Online students receive the same support as on campus students. Learning mentors and facilitators support you. Regardless of where you live in Australia or anywhere on earth, you can enrol at SSB online campus anytime, anywhere!




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