The Sydney School of Business is an independent, non-partisan think tank which focuses on business research and policy. The aim of the SSB is to encourage a distinct perspective on social trends in policy, practices, behavior, and regulation.



What is a Think Tank?

A Research institute …..staffed with interdisciplinary group of experts engaged in the study of policy issues in business and government……

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SSB hosts experts in policy, business, and media to explore ideas in an informal and stimulating environment. Our research program “Explore” provides an independent perspective on emerging social and business related trends. The SSB hosts seminars and workshops featuring national and international practitioners, scholars, policy makers, and business leaders.

The SSB is also constantly forming close relationships with other think tanks, foundations, and research organisations in Australia and overseas to support the SSB’s student exchange programs.

A Different Perspective

The SSB’s expanding network of researchers and collaborative institutions help deliver SSB’s research and study programs. This allows SSB’s courses to give students a global, accessible, relevant, and distinct perspective on domestic and global issues.

The School’s research is funded through a diverse base of supporters, sponsors, grants, and ticket sales to the lecture series and funds raised through the School’s study programs “Challenge, Explore, Learn and Lead”.

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