Financial Assistance

The Sydney School of Business aims to keep education accessible to students with ambition, talent, and a desire to learn and lead. We acknowledge that our students come from around the world with a range of financial backgrounds. The School endeavors to encourage a learning environment with the most diverse range of student backgrounds.

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Therefore, the SSB awards a range of scholarships and grants throughout the year. These awards are funded by private benefactors, industry, community organisations, and by the School.


Each applicant is considered on their merit by the School’s Scholarship Committee. For further information visit SSB’s Scholarships page.

Government Assistance

Austudy is a Federal government financial help scheme for over 25 years of age students who studying an approved full-time course at an approved institution. For further information visit the Austudy Payments section of the Centrelink website.

Abstudy is a Federal government living allowance for Indigenous secondary or tertiary students.  For further information visit  the Abstudy Payments section of the Centrelink website.

Youth Allowance
Youth Allowance is available to 16 to 24 years of age students from the federal government. For further information visit the Youth Allowance Payments section of the Centrelink website.


Other Financial Assistance

SSB provides a payment plan to spread the cost of your studies. The plans are designed around your needs and are available upon request once you’ve received a letter of offer. Before taking on a payment plan, it is important you understand the fee structure and options.

If you choose to pay your fees by instalment, you must complete the following forms and send them to SSB’s main campus office:

  • -Payment Plan Request Form
  • -Direct Debit Form


These forms will be provided to you through the email containing your letter of offer. For entry into an instalment plan, the form must be received by our offices before attending your first class. To be eligible for the instalment plan, you will be required to pay 25% of the total fees before attending class as well as a $240 process fee at the time of application. The balance of the fees is paid by instalment with no interest charged over the duration of your studies. Instalments paid by debit incur no extra charge, while instalments paid by credit card incur 2% surcharge. Late payments incur $40 penalty fee.

This is a payment plan in which there is no interest for up to 12 months. It is available to students on request once a letter of offer is given. It is only available for students enrolling in Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses who are Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents for the duration of one or more units of study.

You must lodge the Flexi Fees Plan Form before attending your first class. You will be required to pay:


  •  -25% of the total fees before attending class balance paid during the course
  • -The balance of the fees which are paid by instalment with no interest charged.


Also note:


  • -Instalments paid by debit card incur no charge
  • -Instalments paid by credit card incur 2% surcharge.
  • -Late payments incur $40 penalty fee for each late payment



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