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SSB programs are different to those at other institutions. Our researchers and teachers offer tailor-made, relevant, contemporary, and innovative courses which challenge a student’s perspective and drives their curiosity.


IMG_5001The SSB does not use traditional teaching methods. There are no large lecture theatres, no large text-based tutorials, and there are no textbook-based courses. The School’s study program uses a blend of technology and delivery methods to focus on individual-paced learning within small study teams which are led by learning mentors. This non-traditional study method blends current content with recent research outcomes in courses. This program design delivers education according to our Learning Experience Standards.

Learning Mentors

The SSB employs researchers who become the School’s “Learning Mentors”. Mentors lead study teams to apply the knowledge they have encountered through the pre-recorded lectures, online study documentaries, and reading material. The Learning Mentor is the facilitator of the learning experience.

Tailor-Made Learning

The SSB has developed a tailored learning experience model which sets pre-defined levels of proficiency for each student in a topic before they can move on to the next topic. This enables each student to learn at their own pace and then to test their acquired skills during study sessions. Learning Mentors lead the study sessions using recent research outcomes to lead the discussion.


Sydney is the largest city in Australia. For both local and international students there is a variety of accommodation options available. If you require assistance to locate accommodation, contact the SSB to be allocated a housing officer at: info@ssb.edu.au. Alternatively, view the student handbook section entitled “Accomodation” for helpful tips.


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The SSB offers scholarships to local and international students.  For further information about the scholarship scheme, refer to our scholarships page or email info@ssb.edu.au.

Student Visas

International students are required to apply and be granted a student visa. The School’s local agent or any authorised registered migrant agent may also be of assistance. If you require further information email the School at: info@ssb.edu.au

SSB Learning hubs

SSB Learning Hubs are unique spaces where technology is used to facilitate interaction between students and Learning Mentors. This interaction enhances the learning experience at the Sydney School of Business. SSB Learning Hubs are designed to evolve and grow a student’s desire to explore the bounds of their curiosity.


SSB learning is accessible affordable, flexible, and global. SSB is a place to explore, to challenge, to discover, debate, and advocate issues concerning social policy, strategy, business and governance.


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